Belted Kingfisher Necklace

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Introducing the breathtaking Sterling Silver Kingfisher Necklace, an exquisite piece of jewelry that beautifully captures the elegance and charm of these remarkable birds found in the Pacific Northwest. Meticulously handcrafted with utmost precision and care, this necklace showcases the artistry of master artisans who have expertly carved every intricate detail.

The centerpiece of this stunning necklace is a sterling silver pendant in the shape of a graceful kingfisher, delicately sculpted to depict the bird's distinctive features. The wings are skillfully etched, capturing the feather patterns with remarkable precision, while the captivating gaze of the kingfisher is brought to life through intricate carving, showcasing its sharp, watchful eyes.

* handcrafted to order, each and every piece will be unique.

Immersed in the culture and natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest, this necklace pays homage to the fascinating kingfishers that inhabit the region. Here are some remarkable facts about these magnificent birds:

  1. Species Diversity: The Pacific Northwest is home to a variety of kingfisher species, including the Belted Kingfisher (Megaceryle alcyon) and the Green Kingfisher (Chloroceryle americana).

  2. Vibrant Plumage: Kingfishers are renowned for their vibrant plumage, often featuring dazzling shades of blue, green, and orange. These striking colors reflect the region's lush forests and shimmering waters.

  3. Agile Hunters: Kingfishers are expert fishermen, known for their exceptional diving and fishing skills. They can spot prey from above, swiftly dive into the water with remarkable precision, and emerge with their catch secured in their sharp beaks.

  4. Territory Guardians: Kingfishers are fiercely protective of their nesting territories, often choosing to build their nests in burrows near riverbanks or coastal areas. The necklace represents their guardianship, capturing their strength and determination.

  5. Symbolic Significance: Kingfishers hold cultural significance in various indigenous traditions of the Pacific Northwest, symbolizing resilience, adaptability, and a deep connection with nature.

The Sterling Silver Kingfisher Necklace serves as a tangible reminder of the wonders of the Pacific Northwest and the captivating spirit of these majestic birds. With its meticulous handcrafted design and incorporation of meaningful details, this necklace is a wearable work of art that embodies both the beauty of nature and the skill of the artisans who brought it to life.


Item Details :

Material: Sterling Silver


Handcrafted in our Poulsbo, Washington Studio.